I've got Mail

I love those sappy old movies that make me tear up just a little bit. Gone with the Wind was one of those movies. More recently though, I've been going through a couple of movies that wear released in the 1990's to the 2000's.

One of my favorites I remember when I was a child, and sitting next to my mum and watching with her, was You've Got Mail. I love Meg Ryan. Still do to this day. Another two that I didn't know about until a couple of friends introduced me to them, was Garden State, which is an addicting movie about a boy who falls in love with a girl, and they go on an amazing adventure together. The last one, I've loved since it came out is called Penelope. I love a good romance story where the characters have to go out and find themselves first.

I guess the question I have, is will any of these movies have a sequel? Like I'm dying inside to find out if Joe Fox asked Kathleen Kelly to marry him? Or if Andrew Largeman and Sam have any more adventures? And what becomes of the witch in Penelope? These are all questions I have for these directors and writers who wrote and directed these movies...

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