Let's talk about Sex

So I'm a little disappointed in Tom. First off, when we got together again, I really wanted him to penetrate me. But he ended up being too damn tired from work, and I guess he just couldn't get it up. I was slightly angry at myself, but I was more upset with him. If he could have just waited a day or two, we could have had real sex with each other. It could have been explosive. But you know guys and their way of thinking. If they don't get to come, then it's no fun at all.

Well at least when I sucked him, he came.


Wherefore art thou Richard?

I always fall for someone once every couple of months. And two years ago, it was this guy named Richard. He was perfect. Tall, educated, smart, funny, and he was just overall a good time guy to have fun with. I don't know what went wrong. I guess it came down to expectations with both of us. I wanted to commit, and he didn't want to. And now it's role reversal. I guess now, I don't want to be committed at all. Which is why Tom is such a good idea. And the sex has been good with him by the way. I suppose Richard is getting older, and he wants something more serious now. The only question is, am I willing to give it to him?


They left again

My parents left again to go on vacation. They left last Tuesday. So they skipped out on Thanksgiving. There is nothing to be thankful for this year. Other than my own health, and my career. Tom was suppose to show up this weekend, but due to miscommunication we ended up not seeing each other. And then he got sick Sunday. I'm starting to feel sick but not his type of sick. I've been coughing a lot more lately.

I didn't go black Friday shopping. I relaxed at home, with a cup of hot tea, while watching some movies. And then late Friday afternoon, I decided to go to Walmart to pick up some small things, and guess what? It was still a crazy experience. I felt like there were a lot of people there, running around, still trying to get good deals. I ended up picking up 2 candles. I'm planning on going to vacation next year. Possibly around May.