Right at this moment

I absolutely hate getting set up on blind dates with my friends. I mean a lot of my friends are fabulous, and glamorous, but who knows if I'm going to truly connect with the guy. I remember the first blind date I had to go on. My friend decided it would be a good idea for us to go out with a guy she was dating and this so called guy's "friend". It wasn't until after I met the guy I was kind of annoyed. It was weird, because I didn't know this guy, and what he wanted exactly. We ended up going back to his place, and hanging out for a while, before he took me home.

I don't talk to that friend anymore. No it's not because she set me up on a blind date. It's because she was addicted to drugs. And as much as I do like to drink, and smoke cigarettes, I've never been a big drug user.

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