At the end

At the end of last year, I had a sad breakup with a guy who I had thought was amazing and perfect. I was hoping to never speak of it on here, but let's break it down shall we? First off I thought he was perfect, and sweet, and just an overall amazing guy. Turns out that he wasn't all of those things, and it broke my heart when after we had sex, he was a complete asshole.

Aileen, and Lena were there to pick up the pieces of my broken heart. I had decided to call him up, but due to the stress of the holiday season, I didn't want to risk crying and feeling like a hot mess. In the end everything worked out, because I felt free from the restraints of his capture of my heart.

Lesson learned: Not all men are equal and some will be assholes, or jerks. I'm just glad that I had learned a lesson about this sooner than later. And since Timothy walked into my life, I feel a little better about letting this other guy go.

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